SIMCelt Data Portal

The SIMCelt data portal demonstrator is a tool with a primary objective to support the study output Analysis of Data Needs and Existing Gaps. Its secondary objective is to address these needs and gaps by publishing relevant Maritime Spatial Planning data on the Celtic Seas alongside a metadata catalogue.

Issues are most often encountered when displaying and disseminating MSP data on either side of a maritime boundary. This Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure is an important contribution to overcoming data incompatibility issues, helping to build a shared knowledge for stakeholders particularly in a transboundary area. Data and information analysis is facilitated by the existence of the portal, which allows testing of compatibility between different data sets and uncovers issues such as differing scales, symbology or missing data.

The Portal is available to explore with limited functionality at present but gives users a chance to explore MSP  data relevant to the Celtic Seas.

The portal demonstrator features a map viewer to enable users to visualise the data and in time will provide a thematic digital atlas of pre-loaded maps to display data, for example, on specific human activities in areas.

Usability will be improved over the remaining project term and more detail on how the different elements function will be made available. For now, users can display data by adding layers from the available datasets and explore the data by clicking through to the original source. Feedback and suggestions are invited – please contact us.