Planning Across Borders

A series of reports for Case Study 3 ‘Planning Across Borders’ will soon become available. These reports will focus on marine planning in the area of the Solway Firth but will have key findings and lessons learnt that will be applicable to other Member States with similar estuaries. Look out for: 

Initial comparison of requirements of, and differences between, primary UK legislation pertinent to marine planning

This report sets the scene for the Case Study, by analysing the international, European, UK and devolved legislation that is relevant to consider when marine planning in a cross border ecosystem. Legislation will be considered in the context of the Solway Firth.

Report on Sectoral Interactions around the Solway Firth in relation to marine planning

This report updates the work conducted by SFP in 2011, using a matrix and a questionnaire to analyse the different interactions between key sectors operating around the Solway Firth. This snapshot-in-time provided by the results illustrates the numerous activities occurring daily in the Solway Firth. The report will highlight key synergies and conflicts, as well as providing a useful indication for methods of conflict resolution when marine planning

Particular cross border issues for the Solway Firth

The first of two reports looking at the challenges and opportunities when planning for a cross border single ecosystem. This report considers those issues specific to the Solway Firth that will need to be overcome when planning for the Solway Marine Region. Issues include, timing of plans, different approaches to planning, marine and terrestrial planning interactions, challenges for stakeholder engagement and the effects of different approaches on the underlying ecosystem.

 Options for the Solway Marine Region in terms of marine planning

The second of two reports looking at the challenges and opportunities when planning for a cross border single ecosystem. This report provides options for marine planning in the Solway Marine Region. Lessons learnt from this cross border ecosystem may be applicable to other Member States. The report will cover what is expected to happen for marine planning in the region, how this can be achieved, learning from other marine planning approaches, engaging with terrestrial plans and stakeholders as well as practical options for a particular cross border sector (tidal energy).