Lpool mtgUoL, UCC, Marine Institute, DAERA and SHOM met in January to collaborate on components where there is complementarity and opportunity for synergies.

Insights were gained from past projects, Celtic Seas Partnership, ESaTDOR, ODEMM and TPEA on assessing ecosystem services and cumulative impacts as well as data management methodologies.

SHOM have since drafted a document analysing the gaps in Celtic SeasĀ datasets to understand what needs to be done to support transboundary MSP processes between member states.

DAERA are using methodologies adapted fromĀ ODEMM‘s work on ecosystem service assessment and applying it to specific areas in the Irish Sea.

The Marine Institute’s work on cumulative impact assessment is developing a matrix as a way to identify and assess the impacts of most concern in specific habitats, work which is likely to be of interest to those involved in marine licensing and marine planning.