Scenarios workshopCeltic Seas 2050: Developing Scenarios for the Celtic Seas

We held an event on September 19th in London which explored how different scenarios (economic/social/environmental) would interact with and influence development and marine planning in the Celtic Seas.

View or download the presentations from the day below

Stephen Jay Scenarios Workshop Intro

Lynne McGowan Scenarios Introduction

Alena Petrikovicova DG MARE

Stephen Hull Thinking about the Future

Ivana Lukic MSP Platform and Blue Growth

As part of our work on Spatial Demands and Scenarios, which explores future development of different maritime sectors in the context of the Celtic Seas, sector briefing notes are being developed covering:

  • ¬†Aquaculture
  • Cables and Pipelines
  • Offshore Wind Energy
  • Ports and Shipping
  • Wave and Tidal Energy

Alongside the development of these briefing notes, French partner AFB are conducting work on the MPA network in the Celtic Seas reviewing how management and designation processes operate now and in the future.


Representatives from the above sectors as well as people from a research, conservation and public policy background took part in the workshop, where they were able to share their experience and insights on how the future might look in the Celtic Seas.



First delegates discussed the likely future trends and developments in the sectors they were familiar with. How will the economic climate or politics affect offshore renewable energy deployment? How might our future approach to managing MPAs change in light of the UK being a non-member state?



Then they explored how their sector would interact with others and whether there was likely to be conflict or novel ways of sharing space could be found. Finally, specific issues with a transnational element were discussed and potential solutions or pathways to resolution were put forward. The findings from this workshop will be used to shape a final report on Future Spatial Demand Scenarios in the Celtic Seas which will be published in December.