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Final Outputs

After two years and three months of work, today we officially draw the SIMCelt project to a close. All of our final Deliverables are now available from the Project Reports and Tools page, including a Signposting Document, Transboundary Cooperation in the Celtic Seas: Reflections from the SIMCelt project that provides an overview of the project […]

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Case Study 2: Assessment of Cumulative Impacts

Effective implementation of Marine Spatial Planning requires consideration of the Cumulative Effects of marine activities.  In recent years, there has been a proliferation in CEA methodologies.  A SIMCelt Case Study investigated how existing CEA approaches could be included in the MSP process and is preparing recommendations.  This video describes our findings.  Please maximise sound on […]

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SIMCelt Data Portal

The SIMCelt data portal demonstrator is a tool with a primary objective to support the study output Analysis of Data Needs and Existing Gaps. Its secondary objective is to address these needs and gaps by publishing relevant Maritime Spatial Planning data on the Celtic Seas alongside a metadata catalogue. Issues are most often encountered when displaying and […]

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