C1.2.3. Stakeholder Engagement

Lead partner: Marine Scotland

Specific Objective: To support good practice in stakeholder engagement within the context of transboundary working.

boardroom-meeting-crown-copyright This activity will involve an assessment identifying and testing different approaches to stakeholder engagement in the context of MSP implementation, including at a localised level of transboundary working. The work will seek to build on the experiences of partners to date – particularly planning authorities – as well as working with a range of other sea-user and interest groups to confirm what challenges exist (e.g. sector specific, measuring impact, consultation processes, cost-effectiveness and tools for engagement).


fish-market-photo-by-keith-mutch-crown-copyrightReport on potential approaches and mechanisms for stakeholder engagement on MSP and the outcome of pilot testing in transboundary and localised cross-border working.


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