C1.2.3. Stakeholder Engagement

Lead partner: Marine Scotland

Specific Objective: To support good practice in stakeholder engagement within the context of transboundary working.

boardroom-meeting-crown-copyright This activity will involve an assessment identifying and testing different approaches to stakeholder engagement in the context of MSP implementation, including at a localised level of transboundary working. The work will seek to build on the experiences of partners to date – particularly planning authorities – as well as working with a range of other sea-user and interest groups to confirm what challenges exist (e.g. sector specific, measuring impact, consultation processes, cost-effectiveness and tools for engagement).

MSP Challenge game – stakeholder engagement on the Clyde

They say that if you want to understand another person’s perspective, you should walk a mile in their shoes.  As part of this component, marine stakeholders on the west coast of Scotland have had the chance to do just that this summer, without even getting their feet wet, when the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership (CMPP) brought the MSP Challenge board game to a range of coastal towns.

The sessions gave stakeholders much food for thought as the process for developing a Regional Marine Plan for the area begins.  It also gave an Aberdeen University student the raw data for his M.Sc. dissertation on environmental partnerships and marine planning and a taste of real-life stakeholder engagement!  Public participation is fundamental to marine planning in Scotland and the initial results of the MSP Challenge board game’s summer tour indicate interest in the process along with a useful insight into how different factors influence decision-making.


fish-market-photo-by-keith-mutch-crown-copyrightReport on potential approaches and mechanisms for stakeholder engagement on MSP and the outcome of pilot testing in transboundary and localised cross-border working.