C1.4. Evaluation of the Maritime Spatial Planning Process

Lead Partner: University of Liverpool

Specific Objective: To examine approaches taken to the evaluation of MSP by marine planning authorities working in the Celtic Seas and identify areas of common interest from which consensus may be built.

This activity will involve the further development of existing approaches to the evaluation of MSP, by means of a review and development of evaluation criteria and indicators. This will involve an analysis of the results of previous studies and projects in the context of the needs of the development of marine plans within the Celtic Seas.

This approach recognises that the development of marine plans, and their associated evaluation, are at different states of progress within each of the MS whose marine plans cover part of the Celtic Seas. Evaluation activities will be in line with the Commission’s MSP Roadmap principle 8 of adaptive management.


Existing approaches to evaluation will be reviewed and compared in order to identify areas of common interest. Where appropriate, this will be informed by previous working e.g. (Transboundary Planning in the European Atlantic (TPEA), Evaluation Report), and the UNESCO Guide to Evaluating Marine Spatial Plans. The output from this action will be made available for consideration to the MS responsible for the development of marine plans within the Celtic Seas.


Report to Steering Committee on analysis of approaches taken to evaluation of MSP in the Celtic Seas and any conclusions drawn.