C1.1: Developing an overview

Lead partner: University College Cork

This sub-component aims to provide a foundation of understanding by synthesising existing information to enhance understanding of the Celtic Seas area (OSPAR Region III). C1.1. will clarify the context and help refine and develop the focus of the work upon which subsequent sub-components of SIMCelt can build.

030The action will compile an inventory of projects/commissions in support of developing maritime spatial plans which have been undertaken to-date to avoid duplicating work and identify where to build on previous work. This work will provide an initial overview of the area’s characteristics including, for example: the marine environment; maritime activities; key sectoral and socio-economic trends and emerging pressures.


037It is recognised that Member States are at different stages in the MSP process and therefore the extent to which issues have been identified and explored may differ between administrations. The project will be mindful of these differences in interpreting evidence and drawing conclusions.

An initial consideration will be given to the data and knowledge gaps for MSP, and where future data-gathering efforts might best be focused, feeding through to C1.2.2.


Summary of information on the marine aspects of the Celtic Seas, particularly cross-border issues, and including existing work of relevance to MSP. Available shortly Report…

Signposting of previous projects and their outputs here.