C1.3. Development of Cooperation on Maritime Spatial Planning

Lead partner: UCC


This sub-component will explore potential mechanisms for supporting cooperation between planning authorities on maritime spatial plans for further consideration by the Member States (MS) whose marine area includes part of the Celtic Seas. An assessment will be made of existing regulatory and voluntary mechanisms such as Assessment (SEA) Directive and Aarhus Convention, initiatives such as OSPAR, and existing networks, e.g. Irish Sea Maritime Forum. The activity will consider what level of cooperation is required by MS and the extent to which cooperation is functioning through existing measures.


It must be emphasised that the practical application of enhanced cooperation will be realised through all the other sub-components. This in turn will inform on-going working and any consensus developed between participants on the approach to future cooperation. The outcomes of the case study will be presented to the Steering Committee (see C2.1.) for consideration.


An analysis of existing and potential mechanisms to support transboundary cooperation between Member States with respect to MSP.


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