SIMCelt has 3 broad components

3-broad-componenetsSub components are led by different partners according to the expertise they bring to the project. Click on the links to find out more about each one.

Component 1: Supporting Implementation of MSP
C1.1. Initial Assessment – Developing an Overview
D1 – Summary Information on Marine Aspects of Celtic Seas
C1.2. Support for Member States Implementation of MSP
C1.2.1 Spatial demands and scenarios for maritime sectors Desk analysis: Influence of Marine Protected Areas on Maritime Activity in the Celtic Seas

Analysis of the Atlantic MPA database

D2 – Series of Maritime Sector Briefing Notes
D3 – Overview Report on the Current State and Potential Future Spatial Requirements of Key Maritime Activities
C1.2.2 Data and information requirements for MSP D4 – Analysis of Data Needs and Existing Data Gaps – Specifically Relating to Transboundary Working
D5 – Agreed Action Plan to Address Data Needs and Improve Data Exchange
D6 – Initial Activity to Address Data Needs
D7 – Data Management Guidance Document
O3 – Decision Support Tool
D8 – Thematic Digital Atlas Charts Relevant to MSP in Celtic Seas
O4 – Training Workshop (on data aspects)
C1.2.3 Stakeholder Engagement D9 – Report: Potential Approaches for Stakeholder Engagement on MSP and Pilot Testing at Local Transboundary
C1.2.4 Establish case studies on Approaches to MSP implementation CS#1 – Understanding specific cross border issues and opportunities
D10 – Issue Specific Analysis – Practice Focused and Policy Relevant
CS#2 – Assessment of cumulative impacts in the Irish Sea
D11 – Recommendations on Cumulative Effects Assessment Methodology”
CS#3 – Planning across borders
D12 – Case Study Report on Approaches to Cross-Border Cooperation Including Stakeholder Engagement Mechanisms
CS#4 – Understanding and applying ecosystems services to MSP
D13 – Case Study Report with Recommendations, Analysis or Conclusions incl. Transferable Lessons
C1.3 Development of Cooperation on MSP
D14 – Guidance on Transboundary Cooperation Between MSs for MSP
C1.4 Evaluation on MSP Process
D15 – Report on Analysis of Approaches to Evaluate MSP in Celtic Seas and Conclusions



We have produced this map to show the project focus areas in more detail.

While SIMCelt has a remit for the entire Celtic Seas region (cross hatched area), some components and case studies centre on specific areas.

Download the map in full SIMCELT Case Study Areas

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