The SIMCelt project is aimed specifically at the Celtic Seas area – OSPAR Region III shown in yellow on the map below – which is an administrative boundary used to manage the OSPAR convention. Somewhat confusingly, there is also a geographical area known as the Celtic Sea off the south coast of Ireland and south-west coast of England.

OSPAR Region III shown in yellow, SIMCelt project area in red

OSPAR Region III shown in yellow, SIMCelt project area in red

In accordance with a proposed extension of OSPAR Region III however SIMCelt will include an additional sea area superjacent to the Celtic Seas Shelf  – shown in red below. Inclusion of this area increases coverage of the French Atlantic seaboard thereby enhancing involvement of MSP competent authorities in the region.

The project region traverses EEZ boundaries between three EU Member States including Ireland, the UK and France. SIMCelt involves partners from 5 of the 6 countries bordering the Celtic Seas area and will consult and engage with Wales as well as the Isle of Man to ensure coherence and inclusivity across the region.


View/download a map of the Celtic Seas area

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